Welcome to the Greasy Sprocket

Oliver AbrahamsMy name is Ollie. Last year I bought a motorbike and learnt to ride it. This year I'm going to ride that motorbike through Mexico, Central and South America. I learnt a lot whilst planning for this trip and I would like to help others that wish to do the same.

This website is for people that are interested in or are planning their own motorcycle touring adventure. As I mentioned, I'm a beginner at this but you may find some of the stuff I've discovered useful. I'll tell you how I've prepared for my trip and where I got my information. You can then decide which bits are relevant for you. I'll also occasionally be updating a blog with other bits and pieces as I learn them on the road.

I'm British and a UK resident so much of this information will be from my perspective. However, I think there's still a lot here that's relevant to non-UK residents so please have a look.

The route (well a rough idea of the route)...

Route through Mexico, Centarl and South America

and the bike...

My Bike. A Honda XL650 Transalp

Ok. Lets start planning your motorbike adventure.